Issue Title
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Development Status of Domestic Civil Aviation Transportation Industry Based on ARIMA Model Abstract
Mengfan He, Yuhang Mao
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Discussion on the Coordinated Development Strategy of Ur_x005fban Roads and Urban Railway Transportation Abstract
Weiwei Zhou
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Optimization of Logistics Recycling Network for New Energy Vehicle Batteries in Uncertain Environments Abstract   PDF
Jue Lu
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Performance Analysis and Application Research of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Abstract   PDF
Zijian Zhang
Vol 9, No 4(Published) A Trajectory Preprocessing Method Based on Angle and Velocity Abstract   PDF
Yanbin Weng, Xiaobin Huang
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Can the Construction of Transportation Infrastructure Main_x005ftain Stable Growth? ——Empirical Research Based on Provincial Panel data Abstract
Run Ma
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Influence of Underflow Diameter on Flow Field Characteristics and Separation Performance of Cyclone Separator Abstract   PDF
Lihong Wei
Vol 9, No 4(Published) On the Construction Technology of Mass Concrete Structure in Civil Engineering Abstract   PDF
Jianmin Ma
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Transportation Infrastructure Upgrading and Green Produc_x005ftion Efficiency in Manufacturing: The Regulatory Effect Based on the Perspective of Financial Constraints Abstract
Wenjing Li
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Research and Empirical Analysis on Urban Renewal and Com_x005fmunity Construction Strategies Abstract   PDF
Mingming Xu
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Analysis on the Development Trend of Mechanical Design and its Automation Technology under the Background of Intelli_x005fgent Manufacturing Abstract
Jinlong He
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Discussion on Fire Safety Management of Old Building Property Abstract   PDF
Rui Feng
Vol 9, No 4(Published) The Influence of Composite Materials on the Strength and Du_x005frability of Road and Bridge Construction Abstract   PDF
Tong Zhou
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Summarise and Evaluate the Key Developments of Historical Building Conservation in Western Europe: Past, Present and Future Abstract   PDF
Sisi Shang
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Urban Planning Path Selection Based on the Concept of Eco-City Abstract   PDF
Yixiao Xu
Vol 9, No 4(Published) The Design and Implementation of Electric Vehicle Sharing and Charging Scheduling Management System Management System Abstract   PDF
Junyang Li, Peng Wu
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Strategies for Adaptive Planning of Municipal Water Supply and Drainage Pipes in Sponge Cities Abstract   PDF
Xinfei Liang
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Thermal Performance Analysis of Lithium Battery Thermal Management System for New Energy Vehicles Abstract   PDF
Jilei Wang, Siying Liu, Jiaxuan Li
Vol 9, No 4(Published) The Application of Asphalt Concrete Construction Technology in Bridge Work Abstract   PDF
Xiao Bai
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Vehicle Stability Study Based on Active Sway Bar Abstract   PDF
Zhengkun Miao
Vol 9, No 4(Published) Exploration of Future Community Practices with Community Culture as the Core in the Context of Urban Renewal Abstract   PDF
Yunxi Guo
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Research and Analysis of the Causes of Train Derailment Accidents Based on ISM Explanatory Structure Model Abstract   PDF
Weiming Wu, Junhui Fu, Jiadong Lyu, Zelin Wei, Jiankun Li
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Evaluation of Coordinated Development of Transportation and Urban Industry Abstract   PDF
Peiling Jie
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Exploring the Challenges and Strategies of Sustainable Urban Renewal in Industrial Cities in Northeast China Abstract   PDF
Mingrui Miao, Jinghua Xiong, Luhang Feng, Yuxiang He
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Suggestions on Green Transformation of OCT Creative Park South Area based on Industrial Sites Abstract   PDF
Yijun Quan, Yujie Zhou, Yi Sheng, Yuxiao Luo
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Practice Analysis of Metal Wear Self-Repair Technology in Automobile Engine Maintenance Abstract   PDF
Xingyu Liu
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Explore the Maintenance Measures and Methods of Computer Software Engineering Abstract   PDF
Can Yan
Vol 10, No 1(2024) The Characteristics, Advantages and Development Trends of Mechanical Design, Manufacture and Automation Abstract   PDF
Tao Zhang
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Application of Advanced Long Pipe Shed Construction Technology in Drift-Rock Mound Tunnel Abstract   PDF
Peng Chen, Yuanlang Dong, Le Li, Senyang Wu, Wanyin Li
Vol 10, No 1(2024) Key Technologies for In-Situ Conservation of Sites in Site Display Projects Abstract   PDF
Jun Yuan
Vol 4, No 1 (Published) A Big Testing Framework for Automated Truck Driving Abstract   PDF
mohamed elgharbawy
Vol 6, No 4 (Published) A Brief Discussion on the Development Status and Optimization Sug-gestions of Urban Traffic Management Abstract   PDF
Yitong Niu, Shang Gao
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) A Comparative Study on the Theories of Highway Planning Abstract   PDF
Yuanqing Wang
Vol 7, No 3((Published)) A Critical Evaluation of New Localism and Neighbourhood Planning of the UK from a Social and Spatial Equity Perspective: Neighbourhood Planning of Highgate as a Case Study Abstract   PDF
Junyou Liu, Shimin Pan
Vol 6, No 4 (Published) A Intelligent Campus Based on the Internet of Things------Campus Intelligent Drainage System Abstract   PDF
Lukai Tong
Vol 9, No 3(Published) A Method for Planning the Transportation Route of Fresh Agricultural Products Based on Ant Colony Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Hejun Li, Gordon Tan
Vol 4, No 2 (Published) A statistical evaluation model for the time-dependent strength of cement-admixed marine clay Abstract   PDF
Huawen Xiao, Yong Liu, Hui Liu, Guicai Shi
Vol 8, No 4(Published) A Study of the Transmission and Translation about Geographical Elements in Museum Space Design Abstract   PDF
Haoxi Huang
Vol 7, No 1(Published) A Study on Evaluation index for Current Collecting Quality of Shoe Rail Power Supply System Abstract   PDF
Xiaofang Ning
Vol 7, No 2((Published)) A Study on the Strategies for Conservation and Organic Renewal of Historical and Cultural Districts Abstract   PDF
Jing Xie
Vol 9, No 2 (Published) A Study on Transportation Carbon Emissions Based on the IPCC Method: a Case Study of Chongqing City Abstract   PDF
Zhihong Guo, JunSen Zeng, Sihan Zhao, Xiaoxia Yu
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) An analysis of the application of intelligent technology in the construction of urban distribution network lines Abstract   PDF
hao Wang
Vol 7, No 2((Published)) Analysis of gene recognition system of traditional village landscape -Take the ancient town of Qinglinkou in Jiangyou as an example Abstract   PDF
Miao Xie, Yu Wang
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Analysis of Pedestrian Characteristics in Urban Integrated Transportation Hub Station Abstract   PDF
Na Cheng, Pei Jiang, Zhongkun Du, Xinlu Ma
Vol 8, No 4(Published) Analysis of Quality Influencing Factors and Coping Strategies in Site Construction Stage of Prefabricated Building Abstract   PDF
Hui Zhu, Qianqian Hou, Mingyue Cai, Yan Feng
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Analysis of Spatial Travel Association Rules for Rail Transit Based on AFC and POI Data Abstract   PDF
Yujie Yang, Hui Li, Qingsong Du, Zhenbo Liu, Zihao Feng
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Analysis of the influence of special rock and soil on urban rail intersection engineering construction Abstract   PDF
Ziliang Yang
Vol 7, No 1(Published) Analysis of Urban Landscape Engineering Based on "Sponge City" Abstract   PDF
Zhengyun Gu
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Analysis on Current Situation and Present Development of Intelligent Transport System Traffic Abstract   PDF
Xiaodong Bao
Vol 8, No 1((Published)) Analysis on Deep Foundation Pit Support Construction Technology in Construction Engineering Abstract   PDF
Guanting She
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Analysis on Promoting Urban Government Management Innovation of “Digital City” Abstract   PDF
Junfeng Li
Vol 7, No 2((Published)) Analysis on Quality Control of On-site Construction of Municipal Road Asphalt Pavement Abstract   PDF
Kesong Zhu
Vol 6, No 3 (Published) Analysis on Reconstruction Design of Old Urban Roads Abstract   PDF
Degang Kuang
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Analysis on Related Factors of Accident Tendency of Bus Drivers in Haikou City Abstract   PDF
Qian Chen, Mingguo Deng, Li Yan, Meiyu He, Qiao Li
Vol 6, No 3 (Published) Analysis on the Operation Safety Management Mode of Urban Rail Transit Abstract   PDF
Jingjing Yang
Vol 5, No 1 (Published) Application Analysis of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Network Technology Abstract   PDF
Xianyong Feng
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Application of Fireproof Coating for New Energy Vehicle Battery Pack Abstract   PDF
Kun Chen, Libo Liu, Weidong He, Yuzhu Yuan
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Application of Trenchless Construction Technology in Construction of Water Supply and Drainage in Urban Road Construction Abstract   PDF
Sinna Tie
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) Archipelago Forest City Construction strategy! A case Study in Zhoushan City Abstract   PDF
Chang Zhang
Vol 8, No 1((Published)) Baiyangdian Wetland Planning in Xiong'an New Area-- A Resilient City Perspective Abstract   PDF
Zhaoning Su
Vol 8, No 1((Published)) Based on the Application of Blockchain Technology in Construction Engineering Construction Management Abstract   PDF
Jingxin Huang, Di Zhu
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Big Data analysis: Intelligent Transportation Development Engine Abstract   PDF
Qin Xiao
Vol 9, No 2 (Published) Building Structure Reinforcement Design and Construction Technology Application Method Abstract   PDF
Kai Su, Keyi Ren
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Causes of Cracks in Road and Bridge Concrete Construction and Preventive Measures Abstract   PDF
Peng Zhang
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Characteristic of Disasters Management in Australia and Its Enlightenment Abstract   PDF
Yue Gao
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Comparative Study on Electrochemical Corrosion and Natural Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete Components Abstract   PDF
Shangkang Chen, Hai Li, ChunHua Li, Qifeng Yu
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Comparative Study on Modular Building and Traditional Prefabricated Building Abstract   PDF
Daohan Xue
Vol 6, No 3 (Published) Construction and Application of Cloud Platform for Urban Rail Transit Abstract   PDF
Shun Li
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Construction of Emergency Adaptability Evaluation Index System for High-Rise Residential Buildings Based on Major Public Health Emergencies Abstract   PDF
Hongguo Ren, Guangchao Hong, Ruili Wang
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Construction strategy of Urban substation under Abstract   PDF
Yanyun Jin
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Construction Techniques of Road Water Discharge Pipes of Municipal Project Abstract   PDF
Xia Yang, Chenglong Xu
Vol 6, No 2 (Published) Current Status and Future Trend of Urban Low-Carbon Transportation in China Abstract   PDF
Linglai Xin
Vol 7, No 1(Published) Design of Intelligent Fresh Air System Based on STC89C52 Single Chip Microcomputer Abstract   PDF
Zhehan Wang
Vol 7, No 3((Published)) Determinant Factors and Influence of Job-housing Imbalance in East Asian Context Abstract   PDF
Sifan Cheng, Benxian Chang
Vol 5, No 1 (Published) Development and Prospect of Chinese Tunnel and Underground Engineering Abstract   PDF
Xin Cai
Vol 5, No 1 (Published) Development Status and Application Research of Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Motor Abstract   PDF
Jirong Yang, Shiwei Hu
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Discussion of Issues on Waterproof Construction of Metro Station Abstract   PDF
Yuan Liu
Vol 5, No 1 (Published) Discussion on Applicability and Train of Thought of Urban Small Capacity Rail Transit Development Abstract   PDF
Yuan Wang
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Discussion on Emergency Renewal Design of Indoor Space of Multi-Storey Residential Building under Public Health Emergency Abstract   PDF
Hongguo Ren, Xiaoyu Ji, Yuchen Liu
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) Discussion on environmental planning and sustainable development Abstract   PDF
Mr Cheung
Vol 6, No 4 (Published) Discussion on Problems and Methods of Urban Rail Transit Planning Abstract   PDF
Qiaofeng Qu
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Discussion on sustainable design of urban streets under the background of Internet Abstract   PDF
Jian Wang
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Discussion on the construction of ecological Garden City Abstract   PDF
Jinghu Zhang
Vol 6, No 4 (Published) Electric Vehicle Routing Problem in Urban Logistics Abstract   PDF
Yiwei Lu
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Environment Art Design in modern Urban construction Abstract   PDF
Jian-wei ZHANG
Vol 8, No 3(Published) Evaluation of Health and Fairness in Medical Facilities in China National-Level Abstract   PDF
Hanzhi Yang
Vol 4, No 1 (Published) Evaluation of new energy vehicle technology investment under the development framework of chinese society Abstract   PDF
Ziao Zheng 1
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Experience and revelation of fine management in foreign cities Abstract   PDF
Hilidong Liang
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) Exploration and utilization of urban underground space Abstract   PDF
Song Song
Vol 8, No 4(Published) Exploration of a New Model of "Highway + Tourism" Development from the Perspective of 5G——Taking the Yichang Road Tourism Economic Belt as an Example Abstract   PDF
Dan Huang, Hongxu Chen, Ganxin Wei, Ziyang Wang, Haoyue Xu
Vol 9, No 2 (Published) Exploring the Balance Between Urban and Ecology Based on Fractal City Theory——Taking the Northern Metropolis of Hong Kong as an Example Abstract   PDF
Kehui Zhai, Xingyue Wang, Zhizhou Xu, Bowen Chen, Jing Tu
Vol 4, No 1 (Published) Heritage-related indicators for urban sustainable development: a systematic review Abstract   PDF
Federica Appendino 1
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Hong Kong : China's global city Abstract   PDF
chengguo ZHANG
Vol 8, No 3(Published) How May Traditional Business District and Cultural Pedestrian Street Be Regenerated—Taking Guangzhou Beijing Road Cultural Tourist Zone as an Example Abstract   PDF
Mingle Liang
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) How to realize sponge city in Urban garden greenbelt system Abstract   PDF
Liao Li
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Improving Reliability and Maintainability of Urban Rail Vehicles in Complex Environments: Factors and Responses Analysis Abstract   PDF
Huadong Shou, Zuguo Cheng
Vol 8, No 3(Published) Influence of the New Technology of Foamed Concrete on the Industrial Upgrading Policy of China Abstract   PDF
Zhichun Chen
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Innovative Design and Practice Research of Large-Span Space Structure Abstract   PDF
Qiuji Li, Honghao Cai
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Intelligent Perception Control System of Railway Level Crossing Gate Based on TRIZ Theory Abstract   PDF
Zhansen Wang, Haotian Sun, Ke Wu, Chi Zhang, Jianhao Tong
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Land Subsidence Caused by Urban Metro Tunnel Construction Abstract   PDF
Yang Hao
Vol 4, No 2 (Published) Landscape Preservation in Italy: The Piedmont Regional Landscape Plan and the Religious Heritage of the Area Abstract   PDF
Valentina Burgassi
Vol 8, No 4(Published) My Country's Shipping Policy and Shipping Regulations in the New Era Abstract   PDF
Liang He, Xin Wang
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) On ecological City and cultural construction Abstract   PDF
Xiaoxia Yu
Vol 7, No 3((Published)) On the Direction and Prospect of Low Carbon and Energy Saving in Sewage Treatment Abstract   PDF
Hui Wang
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) On urban ecological Construction and protection Abstract   PDF
Ling-jun CHEN
Vol 8, No 3(Published) Pavement Crack Detection Based on Fractional Domain Adding Window and Contrast Enhancement Abstract   PDF
Qiuhao Zhou, Hongtu Zhao
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) Planning the Smart cities in: A Comparative Perspective Abstract   PDF
tongcui MA 
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Practical Analysis of the Construction of the Civics of the Course "New Energy Vehicle Technology Abstract   PDF
Qingyu Zhang
Vol 6, No 2 (Published) Problems and Countermeasures of Urban Rail Transit Construction in China Abstract   PDF
Jingzhi Guo
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Reason and Guarantee Measures for Construction Cracks of Pavement Concrete in High Temperature Period Abstract   PDF
Peiyao Xu, Huang Tang, Junjie Zhao, Yikao Wen
Vol 8, No 3(Published) Regeneration and Revitalization of Public Space in Ancient Villages Abstract   PDF
Yitang Zhang
Vol 8, No 4(Published) Research and Design of Indoor Parking Guidance System for Urban Traffic Abstract   PDF
Weiming Wu, Yanxia Yu, Jiankun Li, Mingxin Gu, Ding Liu
Vol 6, No 2 (Published) Research and Strategy of Urban Traffic Congestion Control Abstract   PDF
Zhiran Wang
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Research on Automatic Control of Central Fresh Air System Abstract   PDF
Cui Xia
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Research on Blasting Technology in Large Cross Section Roadway Heading in Hard Rock at Depth Abstract   PDF
Dayang Yan, Miao Xu, Kunlun Hu, Tuqiang Ye
Vol 8, No 4(Published) Research on Construction Project Management Strategy Based on EPC General Contracting Abstract   PDF
Haipeng Xu, Wenwen Zhu, Wei Li, Linlin Zhang
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Research on Construction Techniques of Hanging Basket in the Bridge Project Abstract   PDF
Junzhuang Wang
Vol 6, No 3 (Published) Research on Construction Technology and Management Measures of Urban Road Subgrade Abstract   PDF
Guoxiang Zhang
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Research on construction Technology of subgrade pavement of Urban Road and bridge engineering Abstract   PDF
Donggui hong
Vol 8, No 3(Published) Research on Crash Safety Design of Electric Vehicle Power Battery Abstract   PDF
Xiaobo Li, Ming Liu, Guojie Wang, Weifang Yang
Vol 7, No 3((Published)) Research on Electric Traction Technology of Modern Rail Transit Vehicles Abstract   PDF
Fanju Zeng
Vol 6, No 1 (Published) Research on Highway Engineering Supervision and Project Management Abstract   PDF
Wenyuan Yang
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Research on Le Corbusier’s Architectural Order -- Modulor Abstract   PDF
Jiayi Kong, Jiayi Lai
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Research on low carbon oriented urban space layout planning technology Abstract
Hongyu  Guo 
Vol 4, No 2 (Published) Research on Path Planning and Location Technology of Mobile Robot Abstract   PDF
Zhuoqun Long
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Research on Practical Teaching of Railway Engineering Specialty Based on Temperature Test of Rubber Sleepers Abstract   PDF
Zixiao Shi, Zhiping Zeng, Zhihui Zhu, Weidong Wang, Ping Lou, Bin Yan, Wendeng Qiao, Shunshun Zhang
Vol 6, No 1 (Published) Research on Realization of Automatic Control in Intelligent Buildings Abstract   PDF
Chaoju Wang, Muxin Zhou, Xiangyu Chen, Kanru Gu
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Research on Rutting Model of Semi-Rigid Asphalt Pavement Based on Hamburg Rutting Test Abstract   PDF
Chengyu Zhai, Bo Yao, Luxiaodong Zhou
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Research on Smart City Construction of Hangzhou Based on Big Data Abstract   PDF
Jingwen Xu
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Research on Spatial Optimization of Shopping Center under the Background of Epidemic Situation : A Case Study of Weilaishi Shopping Center in Handan Abstract   PDF
Hongguo Ren, Tianyu Ma
Vol 5, No 1 (Published) Research on the Application of Precast T-beam Construction Technology in Bridge Construction Abstract   PDF
Rui Zhong
Vol 6, No 3 (Published) Research on the Application of the Concept of Sponge Cities in Urban Landscape Planning Abstract   PDF
Tao Fang
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Research on the Complexity Characteristics of Urban Metro Network Based on Complex Network Theory Abstract   PDF
Jiakun Wu, Xiaohong Yin
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Research on the Development Mode of Yangtze River Delta Region under the Background of Urban-Rural Integration Abstract   PDF
Yue Liu
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Research on the Difficulties and Countermeasures of Small-City Cultivation Towns in Urban Construction-- Taking H Town as an Example Abstract   PDF
Ting Ge
Vol 8, No 1((Published)) Research on the Experimental Teaching Method of Vibration Damping Fastener for Undergraduates Majoring in Rail Transit Abstract   PDF
Zixiao Shi, Zhiping Zeng, Zhihui Zhu, Weidong Wang, Ping Lou, Bin Yan, Fu Ma
Vol 7, No 2((Published)) Research on the Governance of Old Communities from the Perspective of Urban Renewal Abstract   PDF
Jing Chen
Vol 6, No 2 (Published) Research on the Integration of Urban Traffic and Big Data Abstract   PDF
Wangshu He
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Research on the Protection Policy of Historical and Ancient Buildings and Cultural Heritage Abstract   PDF
Leihua Xia
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Research on Traffic Optimization of Urban Four-Phase Intersections Based on VISSIM Abstract   PDF
Tingting Huo, Yan Li, Qing Zhang, Jiayu Zhang, Long Tian
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Research on Type Selection and Plan Design of Urban Overpass Abstract   PDF
Lan Yang
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Research on Urban Branch Road System Construction under the Perspective of Eco-friendly Traffic Abstract   PDF
Jiajia Luo, Linqiang Ji, Jinhe Wang
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) Research on urban distribution automation construction and renovation project Abstract   PDF
lili Liang
Vol 8, No 4(Published) Research Summary on Subway Noise and Controlling in China Abstract   PDF
Xinqiang Gao, Beiyi Dong
Vol 7, No 2((Published)) Review on integrated scheduling of quay crane and yard truck Abstract   PDF
Qifeng Sun
Vol 6, No 1 (Published) Risk Identification and Prevention and Control Measures of Urban Rail Transit Construction Abstract   PDF
Zhongda Wang
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Road to Stockholm Eco-city space planning path, features and Revelations  Abstract   PDF
jing Xiao
Vol 9, No 2 (Published) Safety Early Warning for Air Traffic Management Abstract   PDF
Lubao Yan, Changyuan Chen
Vol 4, No 1 (Published) Shear and flexural strength of masonry walls made of calcium silicate materials made in Poland Abstract   PDF
RADOSŁAW JASIŃSKI 1, Adam Piekarczyk 1, Łukasz Drobiec 2
Online First Simulation and Optimization for the Urban Transport Infrastructure Abstract   PDF
Idalia FLM, Esther SP
Vol 4, No 2 (Published) Solar support for natural ventilation Abstract   PDF
Sławomir Rabczak
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Some thoughts on network planning and construction of urban rail intersection Abstract   PDF
Zhengyu Lu
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Stability of Soil Cutting and Side Slope Based on Stress Route Theory Abstract   PDF
Zhaohong Ji
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) strengthening Beijing and On the Arab world urban diplomacy Abstract   PDF
Xinglu Liu
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Study of Construction Techniques of Highways and Bridges on Soft Soil Foundation Abstract   PDF
Hainan Zheng
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Study of Digital Technology Application in Highway Measurement Abstract   PDF
Hua Qiao
Vol 1 , No 2 (Published) Study of Rail Transit and Urban Spatial Structure Based on Urban Economics Abstract   PDF
Risheng Li
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) Study on Emergency Reconstruction Design of Industrial Buildings Based on Major Public Health Emergencies Abstract   PDF
Hongguo Ren, Xiaoyue Yu
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Study on Key Design Technique of Guideway Rubber-Tyred System Vehicle Bases Process Abstract   PDF
Lei Wu
Vol 7, No 4 ((Published)) Study on Passenger Transfer Based on the Design of Underground Transportation Hub of Xi'an Railway Station Abstract   PDF
Bing Li, Xin Li
Vol 2 , No 2 (Published) Study on sustainable design of urban landscape Abstract   PDF
Robia li
Vol 6, No 1 (Published) Study on the Application of Expressway Construction Based on Sponge City Concept Abstract   PDF
Yuanzhi Chen
Vol 2 , No 1 (Published) Study on the financing problems and countermeasures of the intelligent city infrastructure construction Abstract   PDF
Rongyuan Fang
Vol 7, No 1(Published) Study on the Maintenance and Management of Landscaping Plants Abstract   PDF
Wei Qian
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) Study on the Planning of Slow Traffic System in Taiyuan City Abstract   PDF
Zhongyang Liang
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Study on the Spatial Dynamic Change of Tidal Flat in the Pearl River Estuary from 1990 to 2020 Abstract   PDF
Xinyu Chai
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Study on the Spatial Structure of Urban Networks in Henan Province Abstract   PDF
Luyi Jiang
Vol 9 No 1(Published) Study on the Teaching Reform Path of Road and Bridge Majors in Higher Vocational Institutions Abstract   PDF
Peng Zhang
Vol 7, No 3((Published)) Study on Tourism Economic Ecology of Provincial Capital Cities along the Silk Road Abstract   PDF
Chengyuan Guan
Vol 8, No 1((Published)) Study on Tourism Economic Ecology of Provincial Capital Cities Along the Silk Road Abstract   PDF
Chengyuan Guan
Vol 7, No 1(Published) Summary of the Application of Automobile Electronic Logo in Traffic Management Abstract   PDF
Yitong Niu
Vol 1 , No 1 (Published) Survey of Urban Geographical Environment Research Based on Urban Planning and Land-use Abstract   PDF
Yuanyuan Kong, Gang Xu, Juan Yang, Cheng Liu, Zhongling Cheng
Vol 9, No 3(Published) Sustainability as an Urgent Global Issue: Architectural Environment and Landscape Abstract   PDF
Xin Wu
Vol 8, No 4(Published) Sustainable Urban Living Environment Through Prefabricated Buildings Abstract   PDF
Zhiheng Li
Vol 8, No 4(Published) Symbiosis, Consumption, and Architecture Abstract   PDF
Jing Yuan
Vol 8, No 1((Published)) The Accessibility of Urban Parks and the Morphological Characters of Street Networks: A Case Study of Tangu Area in Tianjin, China Abstract   PDF
Ruihong Jiao
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) The conception, connotation, and prospects of "Wetland City" Abstract   PDF
man-yin ZHANG
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) The development of urban rail transit construction in view of public management Abstract   PDF
Liang li
Vol 7, No 1(Published) The Failure of "Chinese Intrinsic Form" Abstract   PDF
Rui Wu
Vol 9 No 1(Published) The Impact of Path Dependency on Planning Systems - the Case of India Abstract   PDF
Xinrui Li
Vol 8, No 2((Published)) The Influence of Regional Cultural Characteristics on the Architectural Form of Urban Museums——Taking Anhui Museum as an Example Abstract   PDF
You He
Vol 6, No 4 (Published) The Influence of Spatial Distribution of Transport Infrastructure on Transport Equity in China Abstract   PDF
Yuxin Hu
Vol 8, No 4(Published) The Relationship Between Human Behavior Pattern and Urban Street Space Abstract   PDF
Ruixin Liu, Jian Yang
Vol 3 , No 1 (Published) The role of garden plants in the construction of sponge cities Abstract   PDF
Lina Wang
Vol 3 , No 2 (Published) The role of the general map transportation the urban planning and the related problems Abstract   PDF
jun Liu
Vol 6, No 2 (Published) Thoughts on Jinan's Establishment of the National Central City of China's Yellow River Basin Abstract   PDF
Zhe Zhang, Xiaochang Chu
Vol 6, No 1 (Published) Urban Design Strategy from the Perspective of Low-Carbon City Planning Abstract   PDF
Wei Qian
Vol 4, No 1 (Published) Vertical farms in the context of sustainable development Abstract   PDF
Irina Maltseva 1, N Kaganovich 1, T Mindiyrova 1
Vol 9, No 2 (Published) Wave Emission From Screw Holes During Heavy-Duty Seamless Lot Flaw Detection by a Large Flaw Detection Vehicle Study on Water Wedge Effect with Probe Wheel Abstract   PDF
Tianxiang Zhang
Vol 4, No 2 (Published) Who Promoted the Rural-Urban Inequality in Contemporary China? Abstract   PDF
Yucheng Wang
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