Exploration of a New Model of "Highway + Tourism" Development from the Perspective of 5G——Taking the Yichang Road Tourism Economic Belt as an Example

Dan Huang, Hongxu Chen, Ganxin Wei, Ziyang Wang, Haoyue Xu


The innovation of 5G technology is the characteristics of the progress and development of the times, now Yibin City Yichang Road construction has been basically perfect, along the way tourism in this network era and the epidemic epidemic intersection can be described as ready to go, in the typical mode of "highway + tourism", with the help of 5G advantages, Yichang Road tourism economic belt innovation into "5G + highway + tourist attractions + tourism services" integrated tourism comprehensive development model, adapt to the development of the times and the diversification characteristics of tourists, explore new directions of industry development, draw a new main line for high-quality tourism development. 5G is a mobile communication technology, but also a trend of future development, in the development of Yibin Yichang Road tourism, seize the new opportunities of 5G mobile communication development, rely on the "Internet of Things", "cloud computing" and "smart city" common development, combined with the current situation, with the help of "highway + tourism" typical model, strive to explore a new development model for Yichang Road tourism economy.


5G Technology; Yichang Road; Road + Tourism; New Mode

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