Research and Strategy of Urban Traffic Congestion Control

Zhiran Wang


With the acceleration of urbanization, urban public transportation has been developed and improved for a long time as well. Currently, China’s traditional and single ground transportation system has been transformed into a multi-functional and compound multi-transportation one. However, the congestion problem in cities has become increasingly serious. Cities in different countries should take different measures to implement the accumulation pole. They also should focus on energy source consumption, environmental pollution and health care brought by traffic congestion. The practice and research countermeasures of relieving urban traffic congestion can be divided into developmental, managerial and restrictive measures. Urban traffic congestion is a systematic problem, which needs to be treated by comprehensive measures, and given priority to the use of developmental measures in order to improve urban traffic supply capacity. It is necessary to strive to enhance urban traffic management level, practice administrative measures. With historical basis, development level and fairness of urban development in China need to be taken into account, and carefully consider the use of restrictive measures.


Urban Transportation; Traffic Congestion; Government Governance Countermeasures

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