Current Status and Future Trend of Urban Low-Carbon Transportation in China

Linglai Xin


The concept and connotation of urban low-carbon transportation are put forward and expounded. The status of energy consumption and carbon emission of urban transportation since 2000 in China is analyzed. The analysis shows that the total energy consumption and CO2 emission of urban transportation has increased rapidly, and public transportation has the lowest carbon emission intensity among all kinds of motor vehicles. The construction of urban low-carbon transportation in China faces the following problems: the development speed of public transportation lags behind; the non-motorization degree of residents’ travel structure has decreased greatly; the lack of effective demand management, weak awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction; and the urban transportation management system is incompatible with the construction of urban low-carbon transportation Based on the analysis of the present situation, this article puts forward three strategic directions and five main measures for the construction of low-carbon transportation in Chinese cities. Transportation industry is a basic service industry and a key area of urban energy conservation and emission reduction. Effective measures should be taken to accelerate the development of urban low-carbon transportation from the aspects of urban transportation planning, construction and operation.


Urban Low-Carbon Transportation System; Development; Pattern; Measures

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