Research on construction Technology of subgrade pavement of Urban Road and bridge engineering

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in a modern city with traffic in all directions , Subgrade Construction is not only the premise and foundation of Urban Road engineering construction , It also affects the entire road project in this city quality , and then the big say , Road as a city essential infrastructure , its shield will affect the development of the whole city. ,even affects the development of our overall economy . other , city City Road construction rigor and the technical level of construction greatly affect the robustness and stability of urban road Subgrade Road . so that when the city roads can be successfully developed , , and also for the majority of people's daily life to bring convenience under the conditions , requires that we have a very high requirement for the roadbed of the city Road . in this article , main City Road Road The construction techniques for the base are analyzed and discussed , On this basis, also proposed some related needs to improve the place and suggestions , hope to be able to the next urban road construction a little bit of power , the lets city roads be improved and developed .


City Roads ; Road Surface ; Construction Technology ; Research

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