Research on Blasting Technology in Large Cross Section Roadway Heading in Hard Rock at Depth

Dayang Yan, Miao Xu, Kunlun Hu, Tuqiang Ye


According to the high hardness rock in Xinji 2nd Mine, the problem of low utilization of blasthole, an undesirable effect of blasting, and low circulating footage in the roadway construction has arisen. By analyzing the factors of the blasting effect in large section hard rock roadway excavation, it is to optimize the blasthole diameter, charge diameter, cutting modes, and other parameters of blasting. The results show that the improvement ensures good formation of large cross section roadway in hard rock while the heading speed and blasting efficiency are greatly enhanced by occupying the double wedge cut, increasing the number of ultra-deep middle cut, and expanding the diameter of the blasthole.


Large Cross Section; Hard Rock Roadway; Double Wedge Cut; Excavating Blasting; Blasting Parameter; Influencing Factors

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