Wave Emission From Screw Holes During Heavy-Duty Seamless Lot Flaw Detection by a Large Flaw Detection Vehicle Study on Water Wedge Effect with Probe Wheel

Tianxiang Zhang


This paper describes the large flaw detection vehicle in the heavy load seamless lot for flaw detection when the screw hole wave loss and the reasons for the water wedge effect of the probe wheel, in order to study the impact mechanism between such wave loss and the water wedge effect, respectively, the coupling water thickness, under pressure, tire pressure and sensitivity parameters and other four factors, the probe wheel water wedge effect performance of the test and dynamic verification. The results show that: the amount of pressure, tire pressure increases, the critical water sliding speed of the probe wheel with the increase, the less likely to lose the wave of the screw hole; with the coupling water thickness increases, the tire critical water sliding speed decreases, the more likely to lose the wave of the screw hole; and in reaching the critical water sliding speed, adjust the sensitivity to lose the effectiveness of the wave of the screw hole. To explore the influence of various factors on the effect of the water wedge of the flaw detection, to provide reference for the application of flaw detection.


Screw Hole Wave; Loss of Wave; Water Wedge Effect; Critical Water Sliding Speed

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