Safety Early Warning for Air Traffic Management

Lubao Yan, Changyuan Chen


In recent years, with the rapid development of China's transportation industry, air traffic management has attracted more and more attention, and its safety problems have become increasingly prominent. In civil aviation transport, it mainly involves various types of transportation tools, such as high-altitude and long-span channels.Therefore, it is one of the most important contents to strengthen the safety management in the civil aviation transportation. Air traffic safety early warning management is not only related to the safety of the aircraft flight, but also can very good reflect the aviation technology level in our country, said from the book, the main content of air traffic safety management is to keep the normal order of air traffic, at the same time avoid mutual collision between all kinds of aircraft and obstacles, in the current situation, to strengthen the management of air safety early warning research is very important.


Air Traffic Management; Aviation; Safety Early Warning

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