Research and Analysis of the Causes of Train Derailment Accidents Based on ISM Explanatory Structure Model

Weiming Wu, Junhui Fu, Jiadong Lyu, Zelin Wei, Jiankun Li


Train derailment happens from time to time,every accident will cause great economic losses and serious casualties. The reasons of
train derailment are complicated,which makes it difficult for relevant technicians to take effective preventive measures. This paper studies the
direct and indirect causes of train derailment by using interpretive structural model and transforms them into multi-level hierarchical directed
graphs. The important factors affecting train derailment accidents are found out,and countermeasures for effective prevention of train derailment accidents are put forward. It will provide references for researchers in the field of train derailment studies and promote the rapid development of railway in our country.


Systems Engineering; Interpretive Structural Model; The Train Derailed; Cause Analysis

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