A Brief Discussion on the Development Status and Optimization Sug-gestions of Urban Traffic Management

Yitong Niu, Shang Gao


In recent years, with the continuous intensification of the urbanization development process, the public’s demand for urban transportation capabilities in my country has continued to increase. Based on this, relevant departments have carried out corresponding analysis and the discussion aims to further improve the overall quality of urban traffic management, so as to lay a solid foundation for the satisfaction of the people’s living needs. On this issue, a large amount of research data shows that at this stage, due to the influence of various factors in the development of urban traffic management, the comprehensive level of urban traffic management in my country is relatively low, which is not conducive to the rationality of teaching work to carry out effective implementation. This article analyzes the current development status of urban traffic management in my country, and proposes corresponding optimization suggestions at the same time, aiming to effectively improve the intensity of urban traffic management and provide impetus for the optimization of urban traffic.


Urban Traffic; Management Work; Development Status; Optimization Suggestions

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