Comparative Study on Electrochemical Corrosion and Natural Corrosion of Reinforced Concrete Components

Shangkang Chen, Hai Li, ChunHua Li, Qifeng Yu


Based on the study of the corrosion characteristics of reinforced concrete members under electrochemical corrosion and natural corrosion, such as the corrosion principle, product formation, morphology and microstructure of steel corrosion pits, the differences and similarities of the basic mechanical properties of steel bars and the mechanical properties of concrete members under two corrosion states are analyzed, and the applicability of accelerated corrosion of steel bars in concrete is discussed. In the study of the mechanical properties of corroded steel bars, the non-uniform electrochemical corrosion can be used to replace the natural corrosion. When the research object needs to consider the corrosion expansion force and the corrosion current density model, the difference between the two cannot be ignored.


Concrete Component; Corrosion of Reinforcement; Electrochemical Corrosion; Natural Corrosion

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