Baiyangdian Wetland Planning in Xiong'an New Area-- A Resilient City Perspective

Zhaoning Su


In the context of the country's energetic merchandising of the development of ecological civilization, the building of Xiong'an New Area ought to spotlight the theme of ecological precedence and inexperienced development. In the planning of constructing an inexperienced ecological city, wetland sources are without doubt the most valuable. Wetland parks can successfully enhance the nearby regional climate, alter floor runoff, make sure biodiversity, etc., on this basis, the people's nice of existence and happiness will additionally be noticeably improved. At the equal time, the development of wetland parks can obtain harmonious coexistence between city humans and nature and decorate city resilience. From the point of view of city resilience, mixed with the profitable instances of present wetland development in China, this paper will behavior a comparative evaluation with the Baiyangdian Wetland in Xiong'an New Area, summarize the benefits and dangers of the Baiyangdian Wetland and make pointers for its future planning and development.


Xiong'an New Area; Resilient City; Wetland Park

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