On urban ecological Construction and protection

Ling-jun CHEN


The development of modern city , The relationship between protection the city , Coordinate the ecological environment of the city construction and economic development in today ' s URB An development,unreasonable exploitation and utilization of naturalresources /b16>, causing serious damageto theecologicalenvironment.The main reason lies in the rapid development of industrializationand urbanization, The A post governance, the protection of the the "the", "the","pollution<b110 >,after the destruction of the"error development strategy and the" which pain medicine , the remedy treatment. Urban ecological construction and protection should be-many aspects:national cadres damage to the ecological environ ment need lifelong responsibility; Rely on advanced technology, Improve the ecological environment Monitoring and supervision of effective linkage; Establish a correct view of economic development and environmental protection, and vigorously develop the environmental protection industry; strictly implement the planning environmental as Sessment.


urban Development Environmental Protection ,Ecological Civilization

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