Improving Reliability and Maintainability of Urban Rail Vehicles in Complex Environments: Factors and Responses Analysis

Huadong Shou, Zuguo Cheng


The urban rail vehicle is a critical component in transforming a large transportation country into a strong transportation country. However, the vehicle's reliability and maintainability are put to the test due to the complex environment it encounters throughout its entire life cycle. This environment can be divided into two parts: a complex natural use environment and a complex human interaction environment. The former encompasses the regional characteristics of comprehensive environmental loads and their own incentive environmental loads, while the latter is divided into three stages: the design, procurement, and integrated manufacturing stage; the delivery stage; and the final operation user use stage. To address the challenges posed by this complex environment, it is essential to use environmental technology to analyze the natural environment of the territory. Additionally, it is crucial to establish localized, standardized, and specialized operation and maintenance technical teams, consider existing operation data as a supplement to vehicle performance acquisition, and ensure that operation is a continuation of vehicle reliability testing and maintenance program development. By taking these steps, the performance of national urban rail vehicles can be steadily improved.


Complex Environment; Urban Rail Vehicles; Reliability; Maintainability; Development Ideas

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