Analysis on Reconstruction Design of Old Urban Roads

Degang Kuang


With the continuous development of cities, the urban roads built in the early days can no longer meet the needs of modern urban transportation. Therefore, in the current urban development and construction process, the reconstruction of old roads is the key construction content. At the same time, the transformation of old urban roads is also an inevitable requirement to improve the urban road system and improve the level of urban communication infrastructure construction and transportation service capacity. The reconstruction of old roads meets the requirements of the overall planning and construction of modern cities, and plays a vital role in promoting the development and progress of urban economy and improving the quality of life of urban residents. In the process of urban old road reconstruction, because the original urban road environment is very complex and involves many factors, the rational design of the construction scheme of the old road reconstruction project is the key factor affecting the effect of the old road reconstruction. This paper makes an in-depth exploration and analysis of the old road reconstruction design of urban roads, and puts forward scientific and reasonable suggestions in combination with the actual situation, so as to provide reliable theoretical support for improving the old road reconstruction level and promoting the urbanization development process in China.


Reconstruction of Old Roads; Problems; Key Points of Design

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