Study on Passenger Transfer Based on the Design of Underground Transportation Hub of Xi'an Railway Station

Bing Li, Xin Li


The current focus of traffic construction in China is the transportation hub. The building of modern, comprehensive three-dimensional (3D) transportation hubs plays a key role in the establishment of a modern transportation network. It is vital to consider factors like passengers and traffic circulation plan in the design of comprehensive transportation hubs. However, due to unreasonable design, problems such as inappropriate traffic circulations, the long transfer distance between various means of transportation and the complexity of transfer routes, emerge on occasion. To solve these challenges, taking the Underground Transportation Hub of Xi'an Railway Station as an example, this paper studies the design of comprehensive transportation hub from the perspective of passengers and the design of traffic circulations, and is expected to provide reference for the design of comprehensive hubs in the traffic field.


Comprehensive Transportation Hub; Traffic Circulation; Transfer, Stream Circulation Design; Traffic Organization

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