Analysis of Quality Influencing Factors and Coping Strategies in Site Construction Stage of Prefabricated Building

Hui Zhu, Qianqian Hou, Mingyue Cai, Yan Feng


Limited to the current industry, the personnel, knowledge, and technology reserves of prefabricated buildings are not sufficient, which directly affects the engineering quality of prefabricated buildings. In particular, the quality control of the prefabricated building site construction stage is the most critical. In view of the on-site construction stage of prefabricated buildings, this paper sorts out the influencing factors of project quality from three aspects of personnel, technology and management, and from the three aspects of personnel quality, construction technology and whole process management, the coping strategies of engineering quality problems are put forward. It can effectively improve the detailed management and control of quality problems in the construction stage of the prefabricated building, and help the rapid development of the prefabricated building industry.


Prefabricated Building; On-Site Construction; Engineering Quality; Influencing Factors; Coping Strategies

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