Design of Intelligent Fresh Air System Based on STC89C52 Single Chip Microcomputer

Zhehan Wang


The air quality and cockpit environment inside the car are more and more concerned by the majority of drivers and passengers. The intelligent fresh air system in the car relies on STC89C52 MCU which equipped with infrared PM2.5 dust sensor module, DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and mq135 air quality sensor to realize the real-time detection of PM2.5, temperature, humidity and harmful gases in the car. And the system can call the corresponding actuator to improve the air quality in the car. It puts forward the recovery and reuse strategy of vehicle air conditioning condensate. After disinfection, the condensation water is used to humidify the air in the vehicle, cool and clean the radiator of the vehicle air conditioner. Finally, the purpose of intelligent purification of the air environment in the car is achieved.


STC89C52 single chip microcomputer, Intelligent fresh air system, Design

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