Pavement Crack Detection Based on Fractional Domain Adding Window and Contrast Enhancement

Qiuhao Zhou, Hongtu Zhao


The efficiency and accuracy of traditional artificial pavement crack detection are low. In this paper, the crack image is transformed into the fractional domain, and the fractional domain denoising is realized by windowing. Then, the fractional homomorphic filtering algorithm is used to enhance the contrast and obtain the highest contrast image under the optimal order. Finally, edge detection and threshold segmentation are performed on the image, and the crack edge is smoothed by doing or calculating, and then the crack characteristics in the crack image are effectively extracted by image morphology operation. Compared with the fractional frequency domain processing method and the improved HC method, the accuracy of the method is increased by 5.84 % and 4.5 %, and the recall rate is increased by 5.58 % and 3.52 %, respectively. It shows that the method has better detection effect and higher recognition rate in pavement crack detection.


Crack Detection; Fractional Fourier Transform; Fractional Domain Adding Window; Contrast Enhancement; Homomorphic Filtering

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