Evaluation of Health and Fairness in Medical Facilities in China National-Level

Hanzhi Yang


The right to health is the most basic right of residents. The distribution of public medical facilities is also closely related to the quality of life of residents. Based on the fairness of medical facilities, this paper will take China's provinces as the research unit, and evaluate the fairness of medical facilities from three levels (equity index, health demand, the degree of health and equity). In terms of fairness index, the distribution of medical resources in each province is relatively balanced. In terms of health demand, the central and north western provinces have higher demands, and the north eastern provinces have lower demands. In terms of the degree of health and equity, the distribution of medical facilities in various provinces in China is uneven. Through these three levels, gradually deepen the research and discuss the characteristics of the distribution of medical facilities in China, and provide some suggestions to improve them according to the evaluation results.


Health Equity; GIS; Medical Facilities

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