Some thoughts on network planning and construction of urban rail intersection

Zhengyu Lu


A case study of Shanghai Rail intersection network planning , put rail into network era , should innovate in planning design concepts , moderately ahead of plan , Build intensive , Multi-level rail intersection system , and strengthen interaction and land control with urban planning . advocates rail intersection with station Core body , Implement the networked development phase the innovative design of station sustainable development . The summarizes the construction of rail-intersection projects in soft soil area represented by Shanghai technology , construction methods for hub projects and protection techniques and measures for urban environment , Application Prospects for construction of new technologies for rail-intersection engineering 


Rail to network; planning; transfer; hub; innovative design; construction technology; space-time effect ;environmental protection 

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speeding up profiled section Shield tunneling machine , Hybrid Shield tunneling forward to and TBM Development of new construction equipment such as tunneling machine and apply . through development , make it better suited to complex geological conditions , make Roadheader go to machine , electrical , Hydraulic and automatic control _ Body , Smart Device direction development . via the large Shield tunneling implementation vehicle Station, Deep Research on special section shield with rectangular shield , resolving city The confusion of the construction of the subway station by the center area .

Widening the construction of underground structure artifacts , Factory research scope , and as an important symbol of the development of new construction technology

Improve the engineering quality of rail intersection and speed up the construction progress of the project .

developing multimedia monitoring and simulation system , three-dimensional emulator Computer Management system , Achieving management informatization and intelligence .

In-depth research and full utilization of information technology , healthy and complete Good rail intersection construction risk management mechanism . make full use of advanced monitoring technology Procedures and methods , especially 3S Technology etc , set up for surface and underground production Raw deformation , The database of the displacements , and develop the Automated evaluation Analysis Department Unified ; Simulate simulation of surface load and underground space development test , to explore natural and artificially exploited complex factors , "" Project Construction a Geology a interaction mechanism and coupling of ecological environment Combination effect , provide basis for safety assessment of underground works .

in view of the high risk of urban rail intersection construction construction , Must realize the construction management informationization of the site, to effectively reduce the construction Risk .

speeding up new waterproofing materials and construction technology investigate , to ensure that the rail intersection works as expected to implement the knot in the life cycle construct Durability .

further supplement and improve the urban rail-intersection engineering regulations draw , Reconnaissance , Design , Technical and economic regulations such as construction , label , and so on .

firmly set and persist ' technical feasible , safe and secure, via Reasonable , Environment-friendly Concepts and principles of , Consolidated , to flexibly with various possible technical means , adapt to urban rail network construction type , deep down trends such as , integration , Complex etc . hard work new technology for urban underground construction ( new material , New Machine , new worker Artists ) and Planning surveying techniques , Design Calculation technology , Environmental Protection, support for disaster prevention and management technologies, etc. , serialized , specification and internationalization .



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