A Study of the Transmission and Translation about Geographical Elements in Museum Space Design

Haoxi Huang


The narrative approach to film can be interpreted to some extent as 'emotional' design, narrative museum space in the process of creating the environment often through the expression of time and space to interact with the viewer, causing them emotional resonance and reflection, narrative museum space design design themes and design elements are drawn from the local regional culture, so the space design will inevitably be permeated with regional elements. As a three-dimensional window for the dissemination of world civilisation, the museum is a microcosm of the times and culture, but its spatial design still reveals a variety of problems, such as a lack of regionalism and unclear themes, resulting in a serious fragmentation of the dialogue between space and the viewer. Based on the background of urban construction, this paper applies the regional elements of the city to the design of museum space, and studies the inheritance and translation of regional elements.


Regional Elements; Heritage and Translation; Film Narratives; Museums; Spatial Design

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