Big Data analysis: Intelligent Transportation Development Engine

Qin Xiao


With the development of the times, people have unwittingly entered the information age. The information age has become a large amount of data bursting characteristics of the new era. In this feature people still seek to improve the production and quality of life. For the development of intelligent transportation needs of people's lives and make the real world, but in the construction of intelligent transportation among a large number of information data also adds to its change and difficulty, how to build an intelligent era of big data, security, low-cost, efficient and convenient of intelligent transportation systems become today people study. From the era of big data to intelligent traffic changes brought advantages and disadvantages, the era of big data to bring intelligent traffic problems and challenges, as well as the integration platform for massive data intelligent transportation intelligent transportation demand and large data structures has done a simple elaborate, it can provide some suggestions for areas of research that scientists.


Intelligent transportation; Big data; Application platform

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