The role of the general map transportation the urban planning and the related problems

jun Liu


 with the rapid development of the "national economy", the development of the city by leaps and bounds, held in the "the" form of interactive activities become more and more, people are more and more requirem Ents for city planning standards for the requirements of industrial development are increasingly demanding Ransportation Service in the industrial field, its effect is more and more obvious. Urban planning is regarded by the government and leaders as a city ' s development. Instead, the role of general layout and transportation design in urban planning are more prominent, but it can ' t get the de Served attention. The role of the general map transportation makes more people realize this urban planning is vividly shown. The author mainly discusses the relationship between city planning and modern transportation Ion of these directions, fundamentally elaborated the general layout and transportation design effect to be more obvious, This paper is aimed at the "city planning and" problems related to thinking, make the following CL Arification.


Modern general map transportation design; urban planning; application; analysis; related issues; thinking.

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