The conception, connotation, and prospects of "Wetland City"

man-yin ZHANG


Wetlands can provide human with various kinds of ecosystem services, such as, regulating and storing flood, Puri Fying water body, providing supplementary groundwater, etc. In the future, the demand for urban wetlands'll be increasing greatly, since urban wetlands had been the important compo nent of urban ecological environment. In recent years, the Ramsar convention successively put forward the ' wetland City ' and its certification criteria and work Process, etc. Combining with the historical background of the serious situation of wetland protection and management, rapid growth of Ur Banization, functional retrogression of urban wetland, the conception and the connotation of "wetland city" were , and further researches of "Wetland City" in the were prospected. In ' Wetland City ' would create beneficial conditions to improve the comprehensive competitivenes s city, implementing ecological protection policy, enhance the level of wetland protection and management in CHINA.</B2 0>


Wetland; Wetland City; urbanization; connotation; Prospects

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