Research on the Experimental Teaching Method of Vibration Damping Fastener for Undergraduates Majoring in Rail Transit

Zixiao Shi, Zhiping Zeng, Zhihui Zhu, Weidong Wang, Ping Lou, Bin Yan, Fu Ma


Experiment is an important teaching link in talent training. Aiming at the current situation and problems of the experimental teaching of rail transit major, taking the experimental teaching of vibration damping fastener drop weight for railway engineering major of Central South University as an example, the specific methods of the new experimental teaching mode for undergraduates majoring in rail transit are expounded: Improve the subject experimental system, build an open experimental platform, and improve the school-enterprise resource sharing system, etc. This model is conducive to the reform and development of the experimental teaching model for rail transit majors and related science and engineering majors.


School-Enterprise Cooperation; Rail Transit Major; College Students; Teaching Methods; Vibration Reduction Fasteners

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